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 Aan 1952 Songs

Movie Cast :    Cuckoo, Dilip Kumar, Premnath, Nadira, Mukri, Nilam, Amir Banu, Sheela, Murad, Nimmi
Music Composer :   Naushad
Lyric's Writter :   na
Movie Director :   Mehboob
Movie Producer :   Mehboob Production
Movie Release Year :   1952

Bollywood Movie Aan 1952 Songs. Many movies in Bollywood are based on old names. But original ones have their own place in film industry. Aan is also among such movies which were very unique in their concepts. The movie is about a Royal family having a prince and his sister Rajashree. A village boy named Jai, won a contest and was designated the job of taking care of Rajshree’s horse. His rival was got jealous of him and was planning to take revenge from him. He was also not liked by prince. But he was very keen about the emperorship. He wanted to marry princess in order to grab all power but Jai loved princess too. Shamsher got a plan he trapped Jai’s childhood friend to make him away from his path. Yet princess did not realize the Jai’s love for her, the story got a twist when Shamsher planned to murder the Prince when he was leaving for abroad. But prince got escaped and the plan failed. Now you have to see the movie to know the ultimate ending that did Shamsher succeeded to get over the empire or how Jai won Princess’ love. Music of the movie is also very impressive. Shakeel badayuni penned down the most beautiful words for the songs of Aan. Maan mera ahsan in the voice of Mohd Rafi was the most famous track of the times you can surely enjoy all songs of Aan now for free.

  List of Aan 1952 songs:

   Note: Following is the list of Songs of this movie
    Aag Lagi Tan Man Mein
    Aaj Mere Man Mein
    Dil Mein Chhupake Pyar Ka
    Gao Tarane Manke
    Khelo Raang Hamare Sang
    Maan Mera Ehsan
    Mein Raani Hoon Raja Ki
    Mohabbat Choome Jinke Haath
    Takra Gaya Tumse Dil Hee To Hai
    Tujhe Kho Diya Hamne

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