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 Movie Jism 2 Free Songs Online

Movie Cast :    Sunny Leone.... Inza, Arunoday Singh.... Ayaan, Randeep Hooda,
Music Composer :   Arko Pravo Mukherjee
Lyric's Writter :   Neelesh Misra, Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Munish Makhija,
Movie Director :   Pooja Bhatt
Movie Producer :   Pooja Bhatt, Dino Morea
Movie Release Year :   3 Aug 2012

Yeh Jism Pyar Krna Nahin Jaanta, Jaanta Hai Sirf Bhook,Jism Ki Bhook. Rings any bells. Yes. The thriller movie Jism from the year 2003 - a very sensual blend of thrill and romance that is still remembered by the viewers, mainly because of the song Jaduu Hai Naasha Hai. Now in the year 2012, the sequel of this movie is going to be released on 3rd of August. The cast of Jism 2 includes Sunny Leone, Arunody Singh and Randeep Hooda.

Just as Jism was liked for its songs, similarly there are high expectations from the Jism 2 songs as well. The music has already been released and it has started to win the hearts of people. Among the main singers of the movie are K.K, Ali Azmat, Shreya Ghoshal, Rushk, Unoosha and Sonu Kakar. Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Mithoon, Rushk and Abdul Basith Saeed are the music directors of Jism 2 songs.

Apart from sensuality, music is the second most important element in Bhatt camps movies and Jism 2 mp3 songs have marvelously portrayed the erotic element of the movie through their lyrics. The song Ye Jism Hai being the title song of the movie, has gained a lot of interest. Ali Azmat has once again showed the magic of his powerful voiceful in this title song. Other than that there is another song that can prove to be a big hit. Abhi Abhi sang by K.K. is a simple yet mesmerizing song. The soft beat of piano has greatly enhanced the romantic aura of this song.

Variance is the essence of the Jism 2 mp3 songs as you can find both slow as well as fast tracks in the list. Picturization of the jism 2 songs has also enhanced the attention-grabbing aspect of the movie. The stunning and picturesque beauty of Goa, Jaipur and Sri Lanka allow the audience to get deeply involved in the videos of the jism 2 mp3 songs. In short, if you want to listen to some of the most heart-touching songs of the year 2012, download jism 2 songs and you will have the experience of your life.

  List of Jism 2 songs:

   Note: Following is the list of Songs of this movie
    Abhi Abhi (Male) - K.K.
    Yeh Kasoor - Sonu Kakkar
    Maula - Ali Azmat
    Ye Jism Hai to Kya - Ali Azmat
    Darta Hoon (Adhoora) - Rushk
    Abhi Abhi (Duet) Hum To Haare (Abhi Abhi) -K.K. & Shreya Ghosal
    Hey Walla - Unoosha

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