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Sonam is the very dazzling and gorgeous juvenile actress born at 9th of June in the year 1985 in a big filmy family or more appropriately in the Kapoor family. Her dad is well known Indian actor and celebrity Anil Kapoor and her mother is furthermore belongs to Bollywood industry, Sunita Kapoor. Surinder Kapoor, who was a filmmaker in early ages of Bollywood, was her grandfather. Actress Sridevi and producer Boney Kapoor, Sanjay Kapoor are her aunt and uncles respectively. The legendary hero of Indian cinema, Anil Kapoor has three children in which Sonam is the eldest sister apart from Rhea and brother Harshvardhan.

Many of you people will not be sentient of a silly truth that her humorous nature father Anil Kapoor nick named her as Giraffe, because the bonding between both of them is truly implausible. She passed her early ages of her infancy in Mumbai and got educated in Arya Vidya Mandhir-Juhu, Mumbai. She was not a shy sort of girl at all in her childhood, and was more often than not play basketball with her friend Ranbir Kapoor in a sport arena.

Apart from the fact that she is not a shy girl, she is very gallant and confident from her babyhood like her father. There is a proof and funny tale about her this nature that she danced in front of all just to get consideration of guests at her home and to entertain them. And because of her this nature, she has been uncovered very early to filmy ambiance as we better aware of that she belongs to a big filmy family. It was her determination to become an actress and this was the reason that she was not that much superior with study. She also paid stopover at Singapore just to gain knowledge of theatre after learning the Indian traditional dance form, Kathak.

When she came back to India with sounds knowledge of theatre, she joins the very talented director Sanjay Leela Bhansali to assist him in making his film, Black. Sanjay noticed her potential and asked her to play the lead role in his upcoming film, Saanwarya. But at that time, Sonam was overweight, round about 90 Kgs, so therefore Sanjay advice her to lose some of her weight to be fit and number one choice for the prospective role. And as I mentioned above, she is a bold, confident and sporty kind of persona, she accept the challenge and start getting lose her weight. So for this purpose she starts dieting and other technique to drop her weight under the guidance of her mother and by the film director himself. After the gigantic struggle to lose weight, finally she loose 30 Kgs and became the premium splendor figure of 60 Kgs with 5 9 height. As she got fit for the role, Sanjay take his pace to direct the film and to introduce the very gorgeous Sonam Kapoor and handsome Ranbir Kapoor to Bollywood industry.

Talking about recent time, she would be seen alongside Imran Khan in her spanking new movie, I Hate Luv Stories which is getting superior responses from the audience and her fans. Apart from this movie, she will also be seen with Abhay Deol in her next venture, Aisha which is her father’s production.

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